Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Guess what? My wife is amazing. Despite the fact that we have two small children, and I work 9-5 and was in a play every night, Heather trained for and completed a half-marathon a couple weeks ago. She is amazing. I am so proud of her dedication and commitment.
Today is her birthday, and mine was last Friday. We are 31!!! We are now officially, 'in our thirties'. That feels weird. I still feel about 23.
For my birthday, we went to see a play at The Public Theatre, here in town. They're the ones that produce Shakespeare in the Park. I bought the tickets as part of season package a while ago. I had no idea what we were in for. The play was called Passing Strange. Here is the link. It was one of those mind-blowing experiences that can only be had in the theatre. AMAZING!!! It made me want to be a better and more courageous artists, and person, for that matter. If you are in town, you must see it. The most powerful line for me, was when the lead actor/narrator stated, roughly,"It's rather frightening to wake up one day and realize that everything you have become, everything you have worked and dreamed for, was decided by your 17 yr. old self" That really connected with me. That is me! And you know what?, I am really proud of that. I was lucky enough to have a passion that I wanted to follow. I could have ignored it in my twenties, and taken a more conservative and predictable route of survival and success. But I didn't. And I am happy living this wonderful and scary adventure with my wife and kids. This is living. Learning, struggling, and doing things without fully knowing what the outcome may ultimately be.
Hooray for good theatre!!! It's hard to come by theatre that brings you to a higher plane of understanding and creativity. These are the moments I live for.