Monday, December 17, 2007


In the pursuit of a particular gift that Margaret has had her eye on, I came across this appalling and prejudicial act on This isn't an economic problem, but a moral problem.

Princess "white & blonde" Rosella costs $29.95, while Princess "black & beautiful" Rosella costs 70% less at $8.99. WHAT?!?!? Is she somehow less of a princess?

Why must the black version of this character cost three times less than that of her white counterpart? I guess racism penetrates even the world of our representative human friends.

This kind of makes me do you feel about it?

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Toddler's Will

(Ironically he's actually wearing his mittens in this picture.)

Read about Cole's unwillingness to wear mittens at Segullah.

Okay, it's not really about his unwillingness to wear mittens; it's more about my constant struggle to be a better person. But stories about cute little boys are more tantalizing than confessions about grown-up personality faults, so I'm trying to reel you in.

It's a good story either way, really! Tell me how you are a better person (yes you, dear reader, tell me how you're better than . . .well not better than me, but than someone else. "Isn't that considered prideful?" You ask. No! It's just positive affirmation). I want to know. I won't be jealous; I'll be grateful.

Friday, December 07, 2007

As Long As We Have Hands to Hold

Bah-who doray, bah-who doray, welcome Christmas, Christmas cheer.
Bah-who doray, bah-who boray, welcome, welcome Christmas here.

Or something like that. I tried to find the lyrics online, but it turns out I'm not patient enough to really use the internet to its full capacity. So I'm just guessing at the lyrics. 

Before our Thanksgiving out of town we received free tickets to see the Broadway version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Matt couldn't join us, but Mags and I went with our friends the Ortons and the Boyles. I can't say the musical lacked heart, so much as it over-killed a good thing. But the kids loved it and in fear of being a Grinch or a Scrooge (prior to both of their amazing character changes), I shan't continue to criticize the free holiday show that did leave me humming, "Bah-who doray." Especially because one of the lines that really stuck with me from that song is, "as long as we have hands to hold." 

I can't remember exactly where it fits into the song, but it keeps bringing tears to my eyes. Yes I am a naturally emotional person; yes my emotions are heightened by the pregnancy hormones; but mostly THAT IS SO TRUE! 

When the Grinch and his dog Max are up there on Mt. Crumpet waiting to hear the boo-hoos down in Who-ville, instead they hear singing. May the loved ones whose hands you have to hold cause you to sing a Christmas song of love and gratitude, no matter the quantity or lack of presents and bows.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sorry! I can't believe it's December. So, I missed November all together. My apologies. I'm fixing to post some pictures and stuff, but while you wait, go ahead and read the latest gratitude post I wrote at Segullah.

Love to you all!