Friday, September 26, 2008

Margaret's Big News

From this . . .

to this!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Mom Had a Birthday

Still great at Fifty-___ (oh, maybe she doesn't want that info out in the world)

I guess I talk about my mom more than I realize, because even new friends I have will say things like, "Your mom sounds funny," or, "She must babysit a lot," or, "She's always helping out, huh?"

She is funny.

She does babysit a lot.

She is always helping out.

So whatever stories I am sharing must be accurate descriptions of her. Sometimes I hear people say things like, "I don't really keep in touch with my mom," or, "My mom and I just don't get along," and these are real people, not just angsty teenager characters on TV.

And even though I'm an adult and know that everyone is different, every time I hear that I still think, "That's CRAZY talk!" How could you not get along with your mom? And then I remember that not everyone has MY mom. If they did, they would get along with her, and these are the reasons why:

Works hard.
Always considers the needs of those around her.
Loves to have fun.
Shares her fun with the people she loves.
Shares everything.
Doesn't mince words (this is a good thing, you know what she's thinking).
Good cook (who doesn't like getting along with someone who's a good cook?).
Loyal friend.
Devoted wife.
Caring sister.
Doting grandma.
Strives to learn and improve.

This list could go on. That's how great my mom truly is.

This awesome momof mine just had a birthday and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Since I moved away more than four years ago I have only been home at her birthday once. We went to Sundance and rode the chair lift to see the gorgeous fall leaves. If I were there this year, I hope we could've done the same thing. I'd also love to just hang out and let the kids play in the backyard or nap while we kick it on the couch in the family room during the afternoon and chat, then we could go out to dinner with Grandma Lorna and Dad (he'd even be home on time, since it's your birthday and all ;-)). That would be great! I'm not there, but . . .
Maybe next year. In the meantime, know this:

I Love you MOM!

She always come to visit and help when I have a baby, as much as I love her though, I think I'll have to try and get her here some other way this next time.Grandma Gayle checking out new baby Stella last Feb.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Cannot Believe It

Miss Margaret started kindergarten last week. WHAT? How did I have a baby that turned five? She picked out the outfit she wanted to wear two weeks in advance and called me back into her bedroom many nights to say, "I'm so excited for school!" One night she also admitted, "And I'm a little bit nervous." I told her that's okay and I always felt a little nervous for the first day of school too. I didn't tell her I was A LOT nervous and a little sad to let her go to kindergarten all day. I take solace in knowing if I miss her too much I can just bring her right back home.

The night before we had family home evening about being prepared. We printed out a chart of things she needs to do every morning, we let her ask questions and gave advice. We've also been talking about being good examples and being missionaries in some of our FHE lessons lately so I reminded them of our lesson when we learned the primary song, "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ". Sitting there with my kids safely gathered around me, I realized that this transition is a big deal because it's the first day of putting my preparation as a mother to the test. Have I prepared her? Helped her be confident and secure? Given her enough knowledge about who she is and helped instill the importance of that in her? I guess we'll see.

Matt assured me I was making a bigger deal of it than necessary, and so we *calmly* accompanied her down the stairs, out the door, down the block and across the street. We huddled in the corners of her kindergarten classroom that smelled like recently painted walls and industrial strength cleaner with other nervous parents as her teacher took her to a cubby with her name on it and gave her a nametag. She left her Disney princess backpack there, found a table with paper and crayons and started coloring. She glanced up, scanned the room and found me. She confidently crossed the room to ask me if I was going to leave now. It wasn't a, "I'm ready for you to leave," nor a, "Leave so I can get on with this," she just wanted to make sure she gave me a goodbye hug. I walked into the hall and unwanted tears spilled onto my cheeks while the lump in my throat burned. Matt grasped my hand and smirked a little when he noticed the tears. I had Stella strapped onto me in the Baby Bjorn and my heart almost broke thinking of leaving her in just a few short years. I know now how fast it really goes.

You go girl! Whether it has anything to do with me or not, she sure seemed ready.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Enjoying the Moments

A moment I enjoyed this summer.
And a bonus for you to see how the kids are getting cuter by the day.

So I missed my blogging day at Segullah in August. But I was able to be the first one for the month of September. Head on over and join the discussion about how you are able to enjoy parenthood more and worry less about getting things done.