Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Mom Had a Birthday

Still great at Fifty-___ (oh, maybe she doesn't want that info out in the world)

I guess I talk about my mom more than I realize, because even new friends I have will say things like, "Your mom sounds funny," or, "She must babysit a lot," or, "She's always helping out, huh?"

She is funny.

She does babysit a lot.

She is always helping out.

So whatever stories I am sharing must be accurate descriptions of her. Sometimes I hear people say things like, "I don't really keep in touch with my mom," or, "My mom and I just don't get along," and these are real people, not just angsty teenager characters on TV.

And even though I'm an adult and know that everyone is different, every time I hear that I still think, "That's CRAZY talk!" How could you not get along with your mom? And then I remember that not everyone has MY mom. If they did, they would get along with her, and these are the reasons why:

Works hard.
Always considers the needs of those around her.
Loves to have fun.
Shares her fun with the people she loves.
Shares everything.
Doesn't mince words (this is a good thing, you know what she's thinking).
Good cook (who doesn't like getting along with someone who's a good cook?).
Loyal friend.
Devoted wife.
Caring sister.
Doting grandma.
Strives to learn and improve.

This list could go on. That's how great my mom truly is.

This awesome momof mine just had a birthday and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Since I moved away more than four years ago I have only been home at her birthday once. We went to Sundance and rode the chair lift to see the gorgeous fall leaves. If I were there this year, I hope we could've done the same thing. I'd also love to just hang out and let the kids play in the backyard or nap while we kick it on the couch in the family room during the afternoon and chat, then we could go out to dinner with Grandma Lorna and Dad (he'd even be home on time, since it's your birthday and all ;-)). That would be great! I'm not there, but . . .
Maybe next year. In the meantime, know this:

I Love you MOM!

She always come to visit and help when I have a baby, as much as I love her though, I think I'll have to try and get her here some other way this next time.Grandma Gayle checking out new baby Stella last Feb.


Lauriej said...

I used to love hanging out at your house because of your mom- and you of course :-)

How is kindergarten going?

Nathan said...

Hooray for Gayle!

Of course I am no where near as closely and intimately acquainted with your mother as you are Heath, but in the nearly 17 years now that I've known her, I have come to feel pretty much the same way about Gayle--she is a GREAT woman, mother, Grandmother, wife and friend!

It was great to see these pictures, read your loving tribute, reflect on how much I always enjoy her humor and how much her kindness and acceptance of me over the years has meant!

Thanks for posting this Heather. Its always great to see a tribute to someone like Gayle who truly deserves it!

Happy Birthday Gayle!

Erin said...

Aww, I love Gayle. She's pretty much fantastic.

Daina said...

Yes, your mom is great! And she's awful nice to let me and Shawn be part of your family every year when we are there at the same time. I also admire the great relationship you have with your mom.

Tamara said...

It makes sense that your mom is so great because you are just like her:) My mom just came to visit and I realized how much and I miss and love her as well.

Corrigan Clan said...

Thanks for this. I do love your Mom (kind of my mom now) for all these reasons and more. I hope she gets to read this and I hope she believes what she reads! She has truly taught me worlds about being a good mother.

I also want to thank you for reminding me that we need to tell the people we love why we love them so much. There is enough criticism, not to mention self criticism, constantly gnawing at us and our loved ones and not nearly enough positive stuff like this.

p.s. good luck with your upcoming marathon! you are one crazy, amazing, hot mama.