Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Belated Birthday Wishes

Our friend Nate had his birthday yesterday. We always tell everyone, "We've been friends with him more than half our lives, so he's really more like family."

Last month when I posted he was extremely peeved because he wasn't in any of the photos or even mentioned in passing even though he was present at more than half of the activities listed. Soo . . . here's a belated birthday gift to him. My proclamation to the world who reads this blog that we love him dearly and he is present at most all the important events in our lives.

Thanks Nate, we do love you and are thankful you're here. Here's proof for the rest of you.

1) Cole's B-day Beach Trip

2) Early Summer Zoo Trip

3) Springtime Botanical Garden picnic

4) Winter Coney Island Adventure

5) Sledding at Lori's

6) Christmas visit to Temple Square

7) Reunion dinner with long-time friends

And that should suffice! I feel blessed and happy to have such a friend in my life! May your 32nd year bring you much joy.

BrockO Bama

In an attempt to brainwash his children (and probably other undecided Americans) Matt donated to the presidential campaign for Barack Obama. In return for his donation they sent bumper stickers, t-shirts, and signs. One of the t-shirts has a picture of Barack Obama's face and since one of Cole's favorite questions is "Whoz Dat?" Matt found it an opportune time to teach him just who it is. Well, Cole got the name down, but he's not quite clear on the rest. Cole's not of voting age, but that smile could sure sway a few votes, so watch your back Barack, Thomas the Train may be your newest competition.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer's Flying By

So, maybe it's been a few months, but I am committed to updating this blog at least once a month. That is all I can commit to right now, okay? Okay good! Not to be cranky to anyone who may be reading, it's just that I'm pregnant and I can only commit to so much. You read that right, I'm pregnant. Baby number t-h-r-e-e is on its way and will make an arrival in early February of next year. For other pregnant moms out there, that means I'm 14 weeks along, just finished my first trimester, feeling mostly better. For the rest of you lay people who have a hard time transferring weeks into months and pregnancy lasting nine months is the only thing that makes sense to you, that means I'm about 3 1/2 months along. Margaret is excited and has begun praying that the baby will be cute when it comes out and that mommy will feel better from the baby sickness. I'm on the upswing, so her prayers must be working.
We've had a fun-filled summer. We went to Utah from the end of June into July and had a great time going on a family campout, swimming at various pools where they actually let kids use floating devices, enjoying food cooked on the grill in the backyard, visiting those amazing Utah mountains , and playing with friends and family. Since we came home to New York we have enjoyed a visit from Matt's sister Marti, her husband Russ and a couple of their kids. We helped them find all the delicious food we know about (like Grimaldi's, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Vynl, Pam Real Thai, Junior's for cheesecake, Dale and Thomas for candied popcorn, and don't forget H&H bagels) and they enjoyed it all, at least once, sometimes more ;-). Maybe we all gained a couple of pounds . . .it was worth it.

We have also ventured to a few different beaches. If you like other people's loud radios and don't mind lots of litter floating in the water, then Orchard Beach (in the Bronx) is only a bus ride away (to be fair we did go to Orchard Beach in the fall and find it quite lovely when the beach was practically empty and the park workers had had a month or two to clean up all the trash; it is a beautiful view. ) However, if you have access to a car or don't mind a little more time on the train, Jones Beach is absolutely gorgeous and amazing, as is Robert Moses (both in Long Island). We've also made a couple of trips across the river to Bear Mountain State park and that's a nice way to get out of the city as well.

Aside from recreational news Cole turned two, Margaret is figuring out how to read, Matt is working over time, singing, auditioning, I'm still feeding the family even when "the baby sickness" makes is difficult, and we got bunk beds for the kids room. All in all I'd say we've had a delightful and successful summer. What have you done lately?