Tuesday, September 25, 2007


All the bigwigs of Broadway organized a fund raising evening for Barack Obama, (the next President of the United States) in the New Amsterdam Theatre on 42nd Street during the 'dark' night of Mary Poppins. It was a wonderful evening, full of beautiful words and music from actors, singers, dancers and of course our man, Barack. He spoke for about 45 minutes, and he was truly inspiring. He is humble, optimistic, realistic, and genuinely funny. I couldn't help but think, more than once, while he was speaking, "he doesn't sound like a President, or a 'polished' politician for that matter." That's why he is so refreshing. He speaks from his gut, without pretense and smooth talk. He gets to the point in a conversational way that makes you feel your having a discussion with him in your living room. That's comforting. And I want to follow 'that'. And most importantly, he is different. He is not D.C. experienced, he is an idealist, and he constantly talks of hope. Isn't that what we need right now? A hopeful, new way of dealing with Washington D.C. , our country, and the world.

To make the evening even better, afterward, I approached one of the evening's presenters, and 'god' of Broadway theatre - Harold "Hal" Prince. I was completely starstruck. If you don't know who he is, you should. He is contemporary theatre's most legendary producer/director. He has won a multitude of awards as a producer and director of such famous original productions as: The Pajama Game (1954), West Side Story(1960), Fiddler on the Roof(1964), Cabaret(1966), A Little Night Music(1973), Evita(1979), Sweeney Todd(1979), Phantom of the Opera(1988), Parade(1998), Lovemusik(2007), and dozens of other plays and musicals.

Anyway, I approached him and told him how much I admired him and his life and work. He was extremely warm and friendly, despite the multitudes of people. We talked for a minute about nothing important, since my mind was wiped clean of any rational thought. And I got this great picture. He is one of those people I have always wanted to meet sometime in my life - and I did.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hooray. We just found out today. 20 weeks along, and everything is good. Margaret is particularly excited to have a little sister on the way. And if this new little one is as easy going as Margaret was, it sure will be a nice break for Heather, after the craziness, but cuteness, of our little boy Cole.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Once a month or so I blog at Segullah
Today I'm pondering the reasoning behind becoming a parent. Any thoughts? Share them there.