Friday, April 24, 2009

Scripture Power

The fam on Easter morning. Stella left the bow in for the picture only.

Easter was awesome. We did a week of devotionals leading up to the holiday. It was an idea sent to me by my sister-in-law Tina. You start on Palm Sunday and then each night open an egg that has a scripture prophecy and reference about that week of Christ's life (along with a corresponding treat). We learned so much. It was wonderful!

Stella really liked finding food in the eggs. Luckily it was mostly goldfish crackers and cheerios.

It would lead to great discussions each night. I'd ask them questions and try to have them apply what they were reading, learning. I should have written it down that week, because I don't remember the details now :-(, but there were beautiful insights the kids made, right on their level of understanding that amazed me.

Kids with their Easter loot at cousin Colleen's

I want to hear about your successes and inspirational stories with reading and studying the scriptures.Come join in at Segullah.

Enjoying the backyard sunshine in New Jersey!


Anonymous said...

Your family is looking great! I am glad we have blogs to keep up a little bit in our friends lives. Thanks also for the links to Segullah. I even commented this time but enjoy reading the different articles written by you and others.

Branden said...


THANK YOU so much for offering your help. For now, I think we're doing okay. We should be living in student housing (my husband will be starting law school at Columbia) up in Morningside Heights. My big brother already lives in the city so he has given us all sorts of good advice. But, he's single and his idea of grocery shopping may differ from what I would I might hit you up for ideas. I'll be job hunting once I arrive, so if you know of any openings in the fields of development or education, I would appreciate a heads up (although everybody is job hunting in this economy!). Anyway, thanks :) I hope we'll run into you once we arrive.
P.S. I loved the article in Segullah today.

Amanda said...

That was me. Not my husband. oops.

A.J said...

I am glad you had a fun easter!

Kathy said...

What a great idea! We'll have to try that one next Easter.

You guys look amazing! And the kids get cuter and cuter all the time. Love you loads!

A.J said...

I figured out how to put pictures on my comments!

Kelly Jo said...

I love stella's dress! So cute!. Miss you guys.

Corrigan Clan said...

Cute pics and I never realized you chopped your hair off. l must say it looks fabulous. Well, I tried to call you back today but missed you and left a message. Will you be home May 30th-June 6th, I surely hope so because we are coming.

Daina said...

Hey guys, thought I'd let you know that we had some visitors the other day, Matt's "aunt" Amy and Mia from Red Cloud, NE! They came to pick up Shawn's art work to hang in her gallery during the city's annual festival of Willa Cather. They stayed and talked for a while. Mia is 14! It was great to visit. They are such warm, friendly great people. They invited us to visit them on our way back from UT this summer.