Friday, June 26, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or cinnamon rolls? What would you like to bake this weekend?

I made these cookies for Father's Day. A little smaller than the recipe calls for and then sandwiched Stew Leonard's homemade vanilla ice cream in between them, while warm.


Head over to Segullah for a few thoughts on Finding Courage.


Crazy Lees said...

Oh my goodness Matt Herrick and Family!I am so happy I stummbled across you and your amazing family! (Currans Family) Way to follow your dreams! Loved your show! Totally remember sitting behind you in Mr. Gordins class and "disscussing",after you had seen the incrediable Les Mes, which was better..Les Mes or Phantom! You were right! Good to see you and your beautiful are doing well...Keep it UP!

Urban Tangerine said...

I think about these cookies every so often and that makes me happy.