Monday, February 23, 2009

How To Be Happy

For reals! There's research and everything.

Read all about it at Segullah.

My family being happy at the ward Valentine's Dance!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cole Quotes

A few months ago I started writing down funny things Cole said. Because he's funny and sometimes I can't remember why at the end of the day. My brain's not what it used to be . . .short-term memory loss and such.

Anyhoo here are a few favorites:

  • At Christmas when people would ask him what he wanted, "I want a car that has a remote control that when you push the button it drives by itself." (make no mistakes, not just a remote control car . . .)
  • He was asking me if we could go to a friend's apartment with the whole family. I said I wasn't sure if we were all invited or if he was just going to have a playdate. He made some sense of that, "That's because we have a bunch of peoples in our family. There's Stella and Margaret. There's me and you and Dad. That's a bunch."
  • "I just love hugging and kissing Stella more than anything in the whole world."
Who wouldn't? I mean look at that face!
  • This was before we had even visited Santa, before Christmas had come but the holiday season was in full swing. Out of the blue one night during scripture reading Cole said, "Santa Claus is my favorite person in the whole world." Margaret, older and wiser and feeling spiritual because of the scriptures I guess, asked, "Even more than Heavenly Father and Jesus?" With no hesitation Cole said, "Yep. in the whole world."
  • Singing to the little drummer boy, "Rumble bum, rumble bum, rumble bum."
  • For one last funny, and hey, it's even Santa related (I see a pattern emerging) visit Blog Segullah.