Thursday, April 15, 2010


After we read from The Book of Mormon tonight (in 3rd Nephi when Jesus is in America, after his resurrection, and he's teaching the people to pray) Margaret, Cole and I had a great discussion. Cole started asking thoughtful questions, a particular talent of his. Well, questions are a talent, and observations as well.
When Jesus was on the earth, we weren't born yet. (-Cole in italics)
Nope, we weren't born yet.(-me in bold)
He had to come and create us, so we weren't born.
Well, he created Adam & Eve first, then they started having babies and it's gone on from there.
But Jesus didn't have a body?
Not until he was born. He was a Spirit.
A Spirit that lived up in heaven. Then how did everyone get here ever, even Mary?
From being born from their moms & dads.
Now Jesus has a spirit and lives up in heaven.
Well, now he is resurrected, so his body and spirit are together.
Can Jesus hear what we're saying right now?
How can he do that?
Well, Jesus is all-powerful. He can even hear what we're thinking, even if we don't say it out loud. Like in the story he told the people to stop praying, but to pray in their hearts. That's because when you pray in your heart it's what you're thinking and hoping, even though you aren't saying it out loud.
He can hear us right now and he's so happy we're doing this and talking about him. (Margaret pipes in with a gem of wisdom.)
He has powers to lift up the whole earth?
He could if he needed to.
Can he hear everyone on the whole earth with his powers?
At this point Cole is getting more and more excited about Jesus' powers. I'm starting to worry that we've moved out of meaningful discussion and now Jesus is becoming less like He is and more like Mr. Incredible in Cole's mind.
Margaret has been listening, putting in a comment here and there. Then she says the best thing of the night. The Spirit testifies that it's true right as she says it, "Cole, he has powers to do anything, but instead he uses his powers to take care of us."

There was also discussion of Satan tonight. Cole has decided it's okay to call Satan stupid. He busted out this for him during the Satan portion of our discussion, Satan, you're 100 stupids!
He also asked, Jesus won't let Satan be born unless he decides to try and be good and follow the commandments? I told him it's too late for that. Satan will never get a body. That's part of why he's so miserable and wants us to feel that way too.

Another great observation of the night once that tidbit started to sink in.
Sometimes you follow Satan when you get really mad. And sometimes I do (Margaret piped in here, "Like tonight when you sat on my head.") and sometimes Margaret does, and sometimes Dad does too.
Yes. That's true Cole. But, that's part of why Jesus' plan is so great. He knew we'd do that sometimes, so he made it so we can repent. Say we're sorry and try to do better.

Here comes another gem from Margaret, "His plan is so great, it just goes on forever and ever and ever. We can always keep trying to obey and follow him."

What a tender mercy to have these times with my children. The night ended with me telling them how grateful I am for the Savior's plan. I thought of Elder Bednar's recent words and counsel to speak with your children more frequently of Christ and to testify of him in casual settings. Nothing is more casual than all of us in our PJ's, the kids lying in their beds, surrounded by stuffed animals and blankets, the night light casting a soft glow around the messy room and their perfect beautiful faces. We're safe; we're listening to each other; we're feeling the spirit together; we're being fortified.

I blogged at Segullah this week; a great story about our prophet.


Aubrey said...

I notice there was no mention of mom following Satan. Impressive! :)

The Mr. & Mrs. plus one said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing. I was even able to read it with a Cole accent in my head.. Which made it even cuter:)

Natalie said...

I loved reading these stories. I can't wait to spend oodles of time with you and your remarkable children this summer!

Three and Counting said...

oh are the best mother...

Kathy said...

That is awesome! You guys really are amazing parents, you know that? Thanks for the good reminder about the importance of teaching our children.

Gramma Gayle said...

Heather you are a great Mom. Lucky you know how to answer all of Cole's very thoughtful questions. Margaret seems to know when to put in her ideas. Love you and Miss you. Mom

vdg family said...

Those moments are so dear. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

so nice!!

Digital Web Directory said...

so nice!!

sara jensen said...

It was so fun to look at your blog and see your beautiful family (with their beautiful Mama). I am so happy that things are going so great. I'll look forward to seeing some baby pics coming soon!