Sunday, September 30, 2012

So I have been stinkin' it up at this blogging thing!

Oh well. Here's a Colorado Herrick Family Update, Fall 2012. Where to begin? How about with the cutest baby in the world?
The last time I wrote, Judson McArthur was a few weeks from being born. Apparently having four kids put blogging on the bottom of my list for over a year. He's almost 18 months now (can you say nursery at church in two months? woot woot)and though it may sound cliche, he is a joy to have around. Everyone in the family loves this little crazy stinker so much. He and I always have a lot of quality one-on-one time in the mornings, since he habitually wakes up between 5:45-6:15. I'm often up then to go running or get stuff done before the rest of the family is up, so it works great. He loves to climb onto the table (or anything climbable really) and throw whatever is up there onto the floor. He also loves to kick balls, throw anything, & jump from the arm of the couch onto my lap. Sometimes that's painful. I have never seen an 18 month old dribble a soccer ball the way he can. Seriously impressive. Perhaps it's because he's been at the soccer fields watching Margaret & Cole since his days as a wee babe. It's awesome to behold. He attacks the ball with gusto. Sometimes in the morning he just kicks a ball around the living room for a much longer time thas seems age appropriate.

Jud often attempts something just beyond his ability. This makes looking after him particularly exciting. For example, the other day he found a spot in the neighbor's driveway with a crack just a little too high for him to step off of and be able to keep his balance. (Real time side note-just now took a moment to get him off the kitchen table. He loves it up there. We have to keep all the chairs pushed in so he can't climb up. I fear the day when he's strong enough to move the chairs wherever he pleases and climb onto anything. Of course now that he's off the kitchen table he's over here trying to help me type-safer, but more annoying.) So, this crack in the driveway, he'd step up, step down, run away up a slight incline, then turn around and run back down. He did this over and over, successfully completing the circuit without falling onto his diapered bum only half the time. He doesn't mind falling down and he'll do something over and over until he's mastered it or until I decide injury is eminent. A huge chunk of my job as a mom these days is keeping this boy safe and alive.

 Jud also has an incredibly ticklish back & neck. He's got an infectious gut belly laugh that induces laughter, giggles, and smiles in the whole family. He's not overly friendly to strangers, which is unlike my other babies. So the random passers-by may not get the pleasure of his fabulous personality. I guess people will just have to take my word for it. I've also decided to make this blog more of a family record, so if you lose interest reading halfway into my posts I won't be offended. Just trying to make sure I get some details recorded, since it turns out one really doesn't remember stuff once their brain gets full of more and more life details, and a calendar that will soon need to be color coded to keep everything straight.

So a few other things about baby Judson, Jud Bud, Juddy Buddy, Bubba Jub:
  • He doesn't have too many words yet. He says "dad" really clearly, "mom" when he's whining, and his own versions of "thank you," "amen," "ball," "dog," "bird". I'm usually pretty sure what he means, but a stranger would likely be clueless. 
  •  He's got several signs, which is helpful. He can do: please, more, all done, ball, bird, water, milk, food. He also folds his arms during family prayers. -
  • He's a good, though messy eater. He has the bad habit of throwing his food, rather than telling me he's all done. He loves all fruit and most vegetables I've given him. Although for whatever reason he will not eat cantaloupe. I love cantaloupe. Must take after his dad in that respect. -
  • He goes to bed really easily, most of the time. When I put him in bed I put his pacifier in and cover up his face with his blanket. Then he waits for a few seconds and pulls it down to say boo. 
  • Peek-a-boo is one of his favorite games. He peeks through his hands before he pulls them away, and has a mischievous grin all the while. -
  • He loves to be tossed around, hung upside down, and generally part of the action. He follows Cole and Stella around from room to room. -
  • Sometimes he hangs on my leg when I'm making dinner. It's not very convenient.
  • He loves music and is a pretty good dancer. He carries around the iPod with music playing & when it's time to put it away or we have to take it for any reason he commences a tantrum. This is one of the only times he throws a tantrum, so far. Knock on wood. 
  • Jud is the cutest baby in the world . . .even ask me, Matt, Margaret, Cole & Stella. 
My time for writing has run out today. I guess we'll do this update in parts. Perhaps one kid at a time. . .


sara jensen said...

you have such a beautiful family Heather Anna!!!

sara jensen said...


Woods: said...

Oh my gosh. I cannot believe he's almost old enough for nursery!!! WHAT?! Oh my. The kids look so much older! And I love love love the updated family pics. The colors are perfect. The girls are gorgeous (WHAT in the world...Stella's hair is SO long and SO pretty!), and those boys are so flippin' handsome. Hope you guys are doing well. Miss ya!

Urban Tangerine said...

And your gorgeous hair is SO long! I hope you get that 18 months post partum energy boost that always seems to bless me right around nursery time. Thank for the update!

Kanchana Karunaratne said...

yes that is the cutest baby....god bless you son...