Monday, February 19, 2018

Soooo... We Moved Again!!

Hey everyone! It's Margaret! As you can see, it has been 5 years 4 months and 18 days since anyone has posted on here. Yikes! I've decided to take it upon myself to keep this updated, since my parents are only slightly busy. Let's see how I actually do. Why are my parents busy you may ask? Well...
We moved again!! After 7 years in Greeley, we are now in American Fork, Utah. We moved unexpectedly in November, so we are currently living with my dad's mom Margaret, and her husband George. A little update on what we're all up to.

Matt- Just got a job at the Harmons Neighborhood Grocer in Orem. He is the sales and events coordinator. It's a fun new prospect. He started training last week, and is having fun being in charge of all the sample stations. (I'm hoping he'll be able to get me a job there this summer.) He is also teaching voice lessons part-time at the Orem Hale Center Theatre.

Heather- Has recently gotten a job at Wilson Diamonds as junior sales clerk. If you have questions about diamonds she's basically an expert now. She's also part-time subbing and has realized that she probably doesn't want to be a teacher again because there's way too much grading...

Me- I'm in 9th grade at Timberline Middle School in Alpine with my cousin Emma. Definitely still getting used to the new Mormon Utah culture. I'll post more about this later. I'm in the school musical, High School Musical, and I will probably start track soon. Also, I had to leave high school and go back to junior high... so that's fun.

Cole- Is in 6th grade, and he has a new obsession with basketball, and he's pretty good. He wakes up at 5 am 2-3 times a week to practice with his cousin, personally I think it's kind of crazy, but to each his own. He's at Central Elementary School in Pleasant Grove with Stella and Jud, and loves his new teacher Mr. K who likes to make them do push-ups and Valentine's Day slow dances.

Stella- Is in fourth grade, and is basically having a blast with her cousins all the time. She's playing one of the three blind mice in her school musical Law and Order: Nursery Rhyme Unit. Everyone in her classes at church and school love her, and she's made a ton of friends.

Judson- is in first grade, and he is a superstar reader. He loves running around, playing with everyone,  singing, and drawing. His smile is crazy due to his many lost teeth. He can always make you laugh.

Henry- Since 2012 we've added a new edition. Henry is the cutest 18 month old in the history of ever, even though he's a bit of a stinker. He's super good at animal sounds and repeating every word he hears. He also loves climbing on everything possible. That's probably why he has a constant bump on his head. His favorite food is sugar... in any form.

Well that's all for today! More info soon!

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